Thursday, July 20, 2006

Bad, Brad Meltzer! Bad!

Would the Diana I know from the comics of the 60's to today really dismiss Red Tornado's sacrifice so out of hand and with such cruelty? I do not think so.

- Panel from Justice League of America #0 (September 2006)

The only way I could believe that Diana was so human-centric was only if she knew what none of the others did; that Reddy was not at all sentient, but rather was just an incredibly complex machine that mimicked being self-aware, tiny metaphysical tornado elemental soul notwithstanding.

So this is either Meltzer bulldozing ahead with mischaracterization or a retcon that shows a more hardened, practical warrior princess.

No cookie for Brad!


  1. I vote for more hardened warriorn princess. Nice white jumpsuit, though.

  2. Yes, looks like most pre-CoIE continuity is officially back where it belongs.

  3. Maybe being form an advanced Amazon civilization she knew he could be rebuilt.

  4. My idea is that maybe it was rushed--that when Diana said, "And there will be others," it meant she had just acknowledged Bruce's point that Red Tornado really was one of them, but that the dialogue went so fast that it didn't seem like she had switched direction.

  5. I'm telling you, Meltzer's going to run it back to the days when Red Tornado was blown up like every four issues, at least. I'm not sure if I'm against that, honestly: if Reddy was downgraded to completely disposable Leaguer, then had to build his character back up to a point where he would be accepted as a person again...that could be something.

  6. What's happening to DC's artists? Those panels looked like a parody of comic book art.


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