Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Misogyny West Coast

Gosh, Jan. You think maybe your long-term memory loss has something to do with getting punched in the face by Hank Pym for all those years?

- Panel from Avengers West Coast #63 (October 1990)

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  1. Don't see how, 'cause when that panel was published, the continuity was that Hank had hit Jan exactly once. Are you thinking of Ultimate "punching-bag" Jan here?

    But it's funny she should mention knowing why she married the guy, since nobody else has ever figured it out. He was certifiably insane at the time, suffering under the delusion that he was another person entirely who had murdered Hank Pym. Not a great start to married life, one might think.

  2. Yep. He was nutso then. The frequent rages and lashing out subtext was there for years. Hank Pym is actually he most insane of all the Marvel heroes going waaaaaayyyyyy back.


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