Saturday, July 08, 2006

Anatomically Correct Superman Island

In Action Comics #224 (January 1957), intrepid and stupid reporter Lois Lane hires a couple of thugs to take her to the off-limits Superman Island in order to solve the riddle of it's creation by Superman.

Basically, Superman was gathering up tons of kryptonite to bury in a vault prior to tossing the entire island out into interstellar space (Many years later in November 1980 it became the home world of a nomadic alien race in Action #513).

While collecting all the specimens of the one substance on Earth that could horribly, if not comically transform or kill you is all well and good, perhaps a little discretion would have been in order. Say, by not advertising what he is doing by creating an artificial island that looks like Superman and telling people to stay away. But if the old ego doesn't allow Superman to simply create an atoll that looks like an atoll, then at least he could have built it someplace not accessible by a fishing boat with a trolling motor.

It's a typically wonderful goofy Silver Age comic book tale. Except for a couple of things that gives readers a peek into Superman's psyche.

Outside of the overwhelming narcissism of making an island that resembles himself, it also appears he built it to be anatomically correct as well!

In this scene Lois, accompanied by Thug 1 and Thug 2, sail past a red lighthouse thrusting up through the bushy, blue treeline.

Oblivious to the Werthemic imagery of the lighthouse*, Lois et al eventually discover a cave that gives them access to the nether regions of Superman Island. You know, I shudder to contemplate just where Superman decided to place this orifice when he designed the place.

Ewwww...what the hell is Lois standing on?

* Not too surprising. She's fooled by a pair of glasses, after all.


  1. Building an island that looks like yourself sounds like such a Lex Luthor thing to do.

  2. I dunno, even Lex Luthor would feel great shame doing something like that.

    I'd say Doctor Doom. He has no shame at self-promotion. Speaks in all-caps too. Joker would do that just for the sheer hell of it.


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