Monday, July 10, 2006

The Composite Superlolita Batwaif

I just realized that the Composite Superman Batman is a comic book character that seems to be relatively free of subtext.

On the other hand, the Composite Supergirl Batgirl is a concept that is very, very rife with lesbian possibilities. And is totally awesome.

Just how great would be an ongoing book featuring the Composite Supergirl Batgirl doing nothing but taking a shower? Written by Chuck Austen?

It'd be fanboytastic.

DC marketing knows there is nothing hotter in comics than two chicks together. This character could could generate some major mainstream interest and completely finish compromising the genre along the lines of the new Batwoman.


  1. What's the big urine stain behind Composite Superman Batman?

    And why is Superman green?

  2. As Red Dwarf's resident feline says of woman-on-top mermaids, "that's the stupid way." If you're gonna vertically bisect two heroines and stitch the halves together, it obviously has to be the front half of Wonder Woman and the back half of Power Girl.

    Or...two front halves of Wonder Woman. Sockamagee!


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