Monday, September 11, 2006

Great, now I have to drive angry...

The 1972 Sci Fi classic film Silent Running is on cable right now and I am watching it before I drive out to Annapolis to work. When I first went to see this in the theatres I thought I was going to watch a WW2 submarine warfare film and I was confused to see spaceships. I enjoyed it more back then than I do today, probably because I am much older and don't care about the environment because doing so interferes with me being selfish and living in quiet desperation.

I still want one of those electric buggies the crew tooled around in. Oh, and a team of servant midget robots to play cards with. That would be cool.

But in watching the film this morning I realized that there is only one thing I hate more than hippies.

And that is SPACE HIPPIES.


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