Thursday, September 14, 2006

Comic Book Blogging Now Officially Uncool

The nature of pop-culture trends is that they have a short shelf-life. As exposure increases the novelty wears off and what was cool and hip becomes tiresome and annoying. When groovy becomes mainstream it swiftly fades into a best-forgotten novelty. Examples of this would be when songs by the Beatles were covered by the Four Freshmen, when the mode of dress that was a matter of survival for disadvantaged inner-city youths became the fashions of affluent Caucasian teens and when high-stakes poker became an evenings' diversion of television and film celebrities.

So like other cultural fads comic book blogging has now lost it's cache as a chick-magnet and springboard to greater literary and artistic pursuits that will give us all truck loads of cash. This is made never so evident as when recently the mainstream comic book industry begins to use our shtick as a parodic feature for meta-contextual self-snark.

Marvel takes the fun out of comics. I've heard that said almost daily since 1990 but until today I never gave the statement any credence.

From Marvel's Bullpen Bulletins' page of New Excalibur #11 (Nov 2006)



  1. And it's such a funny joke, too. Because Stan and Jack would never have had the wit to throw in a double entendre. And anyway, everyone knows that sex wasn't invented until 1992, so nobody could have included anything that might be read as sexual innuendo on purpose.

  2. Ima start a blog about comics that riff on blogs about comics. It will consist of 5000 animated GIFs and an MP3 of me screaming. It'll be so po-mo that time will curve in on itself and inspire the creation of the Yellow Kid.


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