Saturday, September 30, 2006

As a Jonah Hex fan, this ticks me off

This scene makes my fanboy-sense tingle and I have to call BS on this panel from Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters #3 (Nov 2006).

According to Palmiotti, who by now should have some passing familiarity with the character, Jonah Hex participated in the terrible Long Walk of Native Americans?

I don't think so.

And maybe my retcon-avoiding memory is faulty, but didn't Jonah receive his facial scars after his time in the military?

After nearly a year of work on the Hex title portraying Jonah as the Vengeful Hand of God you'd think Palmiotti and Gray wouldn't be showing Jonah oppressing native peoples and condoning through inaction, if not deed, their massacre.

I guess he or Gray maybe couldn't resist a little cross-promotion to boost the sales of the other book they are swiftly marching towards cancellation.

Update: Dwayne the Perma-Link Hater at Matching Dragoons says that according to Gray, it was an art error. Jonah was actually leading the Navajo to freedom intead of to a death camp. Okay. Either way, a nonsense cameo for no reason story wise.



  1. Jeez...That kinda stinks. I know he was a Confederate, but....Wow.

    Just don't let Dwayne over at Matching Dragoons see this.

  2. Dwayne is one serious Hexophile! Here I thought I was Jonah's biggest fan.

    The long walk was in 1864, Jonah was scarred in 1866, two years after this.

    I'm already sick & tired of trying to figure out what Michael Fleisher was smoking when almost every damn thing happened in 1875!!! But now this???

    I'm running over to their forum & cutting loose.

  4. Gray now has an offical explanation.
    I've posted it.

  5. And still, Black Condor's origin sucked WAY less than (shudder) "Super-Chief." Of course, all Native American superheroes must a) have a magical origin (tho' Black Condor's at least had some resemblence to actual Navajo beliefs) because there are no Indian scientists to be exposed to strange radioactive chemicals; b) be either a Cheyenne or a Navajo because no other tribes exist; c) have a seemingly crazy ol' "shaman" for a father, grandfather, third cousin once removed, who in actuality has "secret knowledge"; d) live on the Rez, because ALL Indians live on the Rez. Happy frickin' Columbus Day!


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