Sunday, September 03, 2006

You've come a long way, baby

Here are some screenshots from the new Fantastic Four craptoon in which Sue Storm bitches at everyone and then faints.

First, a downblouse for the boys!

"You think? You think?"

Nice pose. Who bends over 90 degrees at the waist with shoulders thrown back to scream at someone? You'd think that would compress the diaphragm and make shouting more difficult.

Sue is mature, strong, capable, a valued member of the team with years of combat experience dealing with all kinds of surreal and bizarre adventures behind her and yet...

(gasp) My baby brother...(gasp)...taken to...(gasp)...another galaxy!

Oh, lord. Here we go...
Poor, suffering Reed.


Yep. Not just Ugh...blacking out! or Ohhhh! They had Sue do the whole Eeeeeee-Ohhhhhhhh! thing. Should have let her fall, Reed.

Don't the various team members of the FF get kidnapped to other galaxies like every two weeks or something? Later, Sue wakes up she proceeds to rip everyone around her new ones for the rest of the show.

Link to New Animated Fantastic Four Liveblogging

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  1. Despite the horrible theme music, I still held out hope when Sue was introduced as the Invisible Woman -- but that swoon of hers hsucked all hope from me.


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