Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I don't get it

Recreating the film Star Wars in animated Lego makes no sense. Lucas did a pretty good job on the story already so beyond a two-minute novelty cartoon what is the point? A few more licensing dollars? It seems like a waste of time. Just looking at the box art nearly makes me comatose so I can't imagine a child watching an hour of it. I can just imagine the animators sitting in their cubicles dealing with the thought of another day animating goddamn Lego's by punching the walls of their cubicles until their hands bleed.

Lego? May as well recreate a famous scene from The Empire Strikes Back using spare change on a kitchen counter.

"Luke, I am your father."


Legal tender is better than Lego.



  1. Oooooh! Cool.

    Now do Citizen Kane with bicycle pumps!

  2. lol, Lego Star Wars.

    Lego C3PO looks kind of two dimensional and Lego Leia looks kind of flat chested.

    Was that inapropriate?

  3. It's not a recreation, it's a game. Quite a good one, actually. It's the best thing with "Star Wars" on it in a lomg time.

  4. So instead of actually playing with toys, you pretend to? That's even worse.

  5. I guess. The first game got such good press I downloaded the demo last night. The developers have a good sense of humor and it seems like a lot of fun, especially when compared to waiting for a copy of the original, unretouched films on DVD.

  6. I'm with Tom and Phillip. These games are, aside from the late lamented Star Wars Tales comic book, the only infusion of humor, fun, and whimsy into the Star Wars universe in the past ten or fifteen years: the regular comics and novels are oh-so-serious and seem to forget that the original trilogy had us laughing out loud in excitement, amusement and wonder. Nobody's mistaking the deviations and plot developments in these for the real time: they're just plain fun. As I said in my review of the game a couple weeks ago, we've only ever heard that Wookiees pull your arms out of your sockets when they're unhappy. Now, thanks to Lego Star Wars we can actually do that. And as it's just bits of virtual plastic, there's no shame over taking delight in gore or violence.

  7. Bully, don't ever play against a Wookie. Needle and thread can only do so much.

  8. I like the version where the dime shoots first.

  9. Likeliest explanation: You're obligated to pay human actors a fee when you use their likeness in a toy or derivative work. (Why do you think the Lucasverse is populated almost entirely by aliens and robots?) But a Lego Luke looks no more like Mark Hamill than it resembles Macauley Culkin. Ergo the original actors have almost no standing to sue Lucasfilms for license fees. Cash cow!


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