Saturday, September 30, 2006

I'm the godamm butler!

I suspect that eventually it will be revealed that the person who is ultimately behind all the problems and shenanigans in the DCU will be Batman's faithful manservant, Alfred Pennyworth.

There has to be some person or group responsible for the attacks on the super heroes and villains. Every time a question is answered or a problem solved there is another one behind it. One of these days I suspect Batman will figure it out as all the clues finally click and point to one man. If it wasn't for his emotional ties to Alfred he probably would have figured it out long before.

Alfred knows every body's secret, was once a spy and was possessed by The Outsider. How else does everybody get access to Batman's secret files again and again? I see Alfred as a master manipulator, working behind the scenes with good intentions that can have disastrous results. He may think he's doing good but is in fact performing acts of evil. Alfred didn't plan on becoming an evil mastermind, he probably thought that by guiding a traumatized Bruce Wayne he could do some good with the Wayne fortune. It was just happenstance that Bruce became a super hero with ties to a group that could reshape the world. What started as a noble endeavor to guide the super-community along the "right" paths was corrupted and changed to a force beyond control.

In recap:


  1. I'll do you one better.

    Alfred killed the Waynes and then subtly led Bruce down the path to become Batman as part of a vast government conspiracy to create the perfect soldier. When it became clear that Bruce was still too independent and would NEVER kill for the cabal, Alfred tried again with Dick Grayson, then Jason Todd. And now Tim Drake...

    Alfred caused the plane crash that killed Tim's mother and crippled his father, and it wasn't Jean Loring who hired Capt. Boomerang to kill Jack Drake, she was just a RED HERRING!

    (DC Editorial, if you're listening, NEVER TELL THIS STORY!)

  2. I prefer that Alfred had nothing to do with the Wayne's death, just took advantage of it.

  3. It wasn't Alfred, it was his twin brother, Cadbury Jeeves.


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