Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Comic Book Covers: Post No Bills

Here are some comic and pulp covers where the character appears adjacent to their own wanted or engagement posters. It's an old sight gag.

The understudy did it.

Believe it or not...Jonathan Kent, Counterspy!

Not an Impulse fan, but the Pulp Heroes Annuals were pretty good. Except for the Impulse one.

The classic Days of Future Past storyline. This arc alone actually justifies the existence of X-Geeks for the last 2 1/2 decades.

A tip of the reporter hat to the roots of Superman.

If not for that huge photo of Hitler, T-Man would never have identified him.

Tuck in your shirt, man!'re wanted by the police, Ken. But that's no excuse for poor grooming!

DC's great and soon to return bounty hunter Jonah Hex had at least two 'wanted' covers.

Is that Etta in a WW costume?


  1. Did Hex just hang around those posters, waiting for someone to take a potshot at him?
    Still looking forward to his comeback and Warlord's, and I'll buy the damn things, and they'll probably last a combined 16 issues.

  2. I know. And the jonah run was one of the best non-super hero of the super hero comics ever. I have a bad feeling that the new book will either be a Punisher rip or the supernatural/SF type book again. Hi stories were better when it was just a stupid redneck with a gun.


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