Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Golden Lad is all about the love

I dare you to make fun of Robin after seeing this. You can't. I tried. The existence of Golden Lad makes all Robin jokes become weak, pale things once you see this.


  1. Is that Ditko artwork? It looks very Ditko but it's so sunny and cheerful...

  2. It's credited as pencils and inks by Mort Meskin, but I thought Ditko when I saw it also. Mort did johnny Quick, Vigilante and other comics in the 40's.


  3. He was ressurrected as Golden Man in Thunder Bunny # 3.

    He had spent 37 years imprisonned in suspended animation.

  4. "Golden Lead" would be the BEST name for a character. That should totally be Element Lad's new name.

    GL's costume bears a dorky resemblance to that of Pureheart the Powerful.

  5. "Meskin was fabulous, I couldn't believe the ease with which he drew: strong compositions, loose pencils, yet complete; detail without clutter. I loved his stuff"

    Steve Ditko


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