Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Jolly Green Giant dead at 80, Hayley Mills smeared and more!

Jolly Green Giant dead at 80.

Found this vicious LIES LIES LIES smear of my beloved Hayley Mills at Fred Hembeck's site. I'm not happy.

(Ken and Peter also sent me--independently--a rather curious link featuring the ever delightful Hayley Mills in a somewhat...modified...version of "The Parent Trap". Some might even call it "improved"--not that there's anything wrong with that! First click Paul Lacalandra, followed by "Ordinary Girls", then let the fun begin! Thanks, guys...)
What kind of house will you get?

Mecha Oil Toad!

Posterwire calls this the Scariest Movie Poster Ever. I prefer this one.

Death an 'Artificial Mark', says Army.

Speaking about decisions, I've got another decision to make, and maybe after the lunch you can help me, and that is what do I get her on the 28th anniversary? (Laughter.) Never mind. (Laughter.) Never mind. (Laughter.) Sorry I asked. (Laughter.)
Charlton does bad 70's porn.

Gorgeous soviet-era space pennants. I really like the titanium soccer ball one.

Being a housewife is a deadly profession, as I learned from watching More Dangerous Than Dynamite. Worth the watch just for the f/x.

Good thing this isn't the 50's, or this doofus' actions would be blamed on the bad influence of comics.

I don't think it is the neighbors who are confused, Henry.

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