Monday, October 31, 2005

True Tales of Lunchtime Horror

My scary Halloween post...

The package art was good and made this meal look fairly appetizing so I picked up several when I went to the store. I was really looking forwards to eating this stuff.

After cooking it per instructions, this is my result.

Not quite the same.

I'm old enough to know better than to buy into any consumer sales pitch, but I was really liking the idea of eating this. The actual meal had as much disconnect from the presented package as the average comic book cover does to the story in which the cover promises "In This Issue! A HERO DIES!"


  1. If you eat that glop, you might not show up until the next continuity reboot. Or unless you sell 1000 subscriptions for "Captain O"

  2. Yeah, Revell screwed me up too. No matter how carefully I applied the decals, nothing ever wound up looking like the front of the box. But in the end, the important thing is how the glue smells...I mean, how the glop tastes. Was it genuinely a "flavor adventure"?


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