Friday, October 07, 2005

Take them to the dungeon trap!

Detective Comics #306, v1 (August 1962)

An evil, super-evolved Art Linkletter.

Invisible robots. I repeat...invisible robots.

Dungeons with traps.

Now that is how the Silver Age freaking ruled!


  1. Invisible robots? That is so totally Silver Age. That's even more Silver Age than cowboy robots.

  2. Invisible cowboy robots would make me plotz!

  3. And thrones made of the purest salt.

  4. Invisible robots and dungeon traps? I shudder to imagine what his remaining 998 menaces could be!

  5. Thank you. I loved this comic book, and I forgot all about it.

  6. Oh man, that makes the X-Men look realistic.

  7. If I worked there I would TOTALLY spend all my time faking this guy out, pretending to get grabbed by invisible robots. "Oops, sorry boss, can't get your coffee! Invisible robots are dragging me to the break room and feeding me Pringles!"


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