Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Trend Ort

Years after the chipotle craze is a nostalgic memory of semi-amusing fast food burger commercials and the contents are so old they are unsafe to eat, this canister of spices will still exist in my cupboard. This Trend Ort, much like the drawer full of add-on parts from the George Foreman Fat-Reducing Chicken Cooker I have yet to use, will undoubtedly follow me from home to home. They will only be finally disposed of to a trash bin once they fail to sell at some far-distant future garage sale.

Yes, I have just coined the phrase Trend Ort.

Trend Ort: The discarded, ignored or forgotten artifacts, in part or whole, of a consumer trend or gimmick that is left over when interest in the novelty fades.
What are your examples of Trend Ort? I know of one guy who still has the all black bathroom accessories from the black & white decorating craze of years ago. They were outrageously expensive when he and other Trend Zombies (1) bought them ($36.95 for a tooth brush holder?) so he doesn't want to throw them out, but they are not currently in use either.

Let us not forget the geek Trend Ort of the no doubt huge surplus of un-sellable long-boxes of 1990's comic books with foil and hologram covers that uncounted fans and resellers are forever stuck with.

1. Trend Zombie: Someone who buys over-priced and/or useless crap because it's considered trendy, cool or hip. Items purchased by a Trend Zombie usually turn into Trend Ort.

1 comment:

  1. I'm looking around the room right now, wondering if I have anything which could be described as trend ort. As I'm usually not a very trendy guy, I can't think of anything specific off the top of my head. (Although an outside observer may be able to spot such detritus quicker than me.)

    There is an unused wallet w/ chain attatched sitting on my desk, but I only stopped wearing that about a year and a half ago...

    Anyway, that's a fantastic coinage/neologism!


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