Thursday, October 13, 2005

Monkey Wilderness Holocaust!

One of the reasons I like going to the local grocery store is that the customer service area has a table of used books donated for some kind of charity. Drop a donation in the jar and you can pick a used book. It's pretty much on the honor system so I imagine the charity doesn't get much in the way of funds because people generally suck. I don't know what the charity is or if I agree with it but as long it isn't about pets over people I don't mind donating some change to get an old book.

Today I discovered two books I liked. They are not in the best shape but for a quarter each I couldn't pass them up.

Holocaust by Anthony McCall. Published by Pocketbooks (1968)

Being naked sure is thirsty work! As for the rippling title, I can't tell if the image above it is part of a flag, a red tide or a gigantic strip of bacon.

Text from the back cover...

You've uncovered a conspiracy to kill the President. You have found that one of the plotters is your husband! You've learned all this while in bed with another man.
Classic! I may read this one. It might be like an Alistair McClean novel but with gratuitous boinking.

I picked up the next one just because of the absurd title with accompanying hype and dramatic poses of the characters. The red background is a nice touch. It would be a perfect cover if not for the tear in the corner. I hope I can find another copy somewhere.

A Wilderness of Monkeys by Paige Mitchell. Published by Bantam books (1965)

I think the only the only real 'fascinator' is the author....hello!


  1. You realise we'll be expecting a book report on these two gems?

  2. I just HAD to look this thing up on Amazon, and low and behold, there's many used copies available from third-party Marketplace sellers. Maybe you can get a better copy...

  3. There simply CANNOT be too much 48-point Cooper Black on the cover of a romance novel. Not possible. And is never enough. FACK the white space, gimme smore colophons!


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