Monday, October 10, 2005

New Mutant flashback? Don't think so

X-Men Unlimited #11, v2 (2005)

I was looking forwards to a 'New Mutant Flashback' story as advertised on the cover of X-Men Unlimited because I dig that era of the X-Babies. But when I read it I thought it was some mis-labeled House of M entry, because the 1980's Rhane is in a pool hall...cursing.

Not a chance.

A retcon that reduces a character with a fascinating personal history to a one-dimensional stereotypical mall-rat is not a good thing. Character development is the continuity that creative teams should care about. I'm surprised they didn't have Rhane skateboarding around a billiards table while wearing an ipod.

Must be an interlude tale from some horrible alternate timeline.


  1. She's the New Mutant who was raised under severe Irish Catholicism, wasn't she? And spent the early part of the NM series as meek as a mouse in human form? Yeah, let's homogenize out all the interesting bits of her personality. Good call, Marvel.

  2. Agreed on all counts with Sleestak's post and your reply, jhunt, with one exception: Rahne was raised under severe Scottish Protestantism.

    Also, she said 'yuir' a lot.


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