Saturday, October 29, 2005

Ron Frenz: Shark Bait

Spider-Man et al artist Ron Frenz is a regular contributor to the Outdoor Life magazine feature This Happened To Me, where he illustrates in perfect over-the-top comic book adventure-style the dramatically unlikely tales of adventure submitted by readers.

You can see my previous post of an impossible boat ride drawn by Ron Frenz here in The Perfect Storm.

More BS, but not by Ron Frenz...
Killed a bar with an axe

That'll teach him!

Rattlesnacks taste like chicken
I must have this recipe!

Rednecks are stupid

How that snake got a clothesline, I'll never know

In looking through the feature archives I notice that the stories have changed from brave tales of Man vs Beast to a more realistic theme of Misadventure. There are a lot more of the Falling From the Boat stories than there used to be. I guess even hicks know crap when they see it.

Still doesn't explain NASCAR though.

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