Tuesday, October 10, 2006

2000 years from now I'm a big star

There is an axiom that states "what you are really like is how you behave when you think no one is watching."

True, true.

I, for one, always assume I am being observed. It is a fact that Future Perverts watch us on their Time Scopes. To a future pervert there is no one in the past so boring or so mundane that they can't get off by spying on us 24/7.

That is why every so often I do a slow "take" and look up at the ceiling, lifting an eyebrow and affecting a knowing or bemused expression directed at my unknown observers. My expectation is that if I act like I know I'm the subject of future voyeurs it will take the fun out of it for them and they will tune in elsewhere.

Of course future pervs will use the excuse that they are watching people of the past in the name of "research". Right. Try using that excuse when your wife sees your internet search history.



  1. I do ocassionally make those "Jim from The Office" looks at the fourth wall. A small shrug or a lift of my eyebrow. I don't know if any future perv is really watching me or not, though.

  2. I wonder how many of us do this, regardless of who we think we're doing it for? Probably more than we'd initially suspect. In my case as much as anything it's with the possibility in mind that some being that might be moved to help me - at least throw me a bone sometime - is watching. Voyeurs from the future hasn't been what I've had in mind.

    For the past few generations we've been raised in a culture of voyeuristic entertainment, and since we all ultimately tend to think of life as The Me Show it really shouldn't surprise us that we'd be mugging it up for two-way mirror hanging on the fourth wall.

    Of course, if we really got in the spirit of this we'd work up better lines for ourselves.

  3. I work for a cable company. You wouldn't believe the number of people that think we can see them through their cable boxes.

    Or maybe you would.

    BTW, your drink is waaay too close the keyboard. Move it back a little. There you go.

  4. Cable boxes are nothing. Try acting unconcerned when you have a Sorenson VRS in the room.


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