Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Red Sonja: And the hits keep on coming

Another comic heroine porn-face sighting! This scene has Red Sonja, the strongest and most capable woman in comics and fantasy, once again portraying a victim of abuse as she finds herself regaining consciousness in a strange place, her face coated with an unidentified substance. She looks like a traumatized co-ed waking up in the morning after being slipped Rohypnol at a frat party from the night before.

This page is by Roy Thomas and Pablo Marcos from the unfortunately titled Red Sonja: Monster Isle One Shot (2006).



  1. Hadn't had a drink in a fortnight, but one night in a frat house and look what happens.

  2. Yes, that IS a rather strange bit of anatomy! If her legs are in proportion to her torso, I put her at about 10 feet tall. Ummm, this is Red Sonja right? Shouldn't she be hacking and slaying or something?

  3. Unidentified substance indeed! It's a little viscous for sweat. What were these guys thinking? Actually, maybe I don't want to know the answer to that question. Not what they were supposed to be thinking when they did this cover!


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