Sunday, October 15, 2006

WFA Pandering Tag

Hey, all you Comic Book Bloggers!

From now on, when writing a blog entry specifically to get your blog linked to When Fangirls Attack! and receive the corresponding rise in blog hits, please ensure your entries are appropriately marked to ensure proper attention.

For example, I have discovered that it is no longer enough to post an entry that decries the hyper-sexuality of women in comics even as you exploit the image and expect them to link to you. Apparently, they are getting wise to our tricks.

For example, when I posted this panel from a recent DC comic and said it was not right, I got nada. In the past, an entry like the sample above would have gotten my blog linked like crazy (not that I need their help, I can promote my own blog which I own, thank you). Kalinara and Ragnell are very busy and should not have to worry their pretty little heads about figuring out all the interweb stuff and sorting through all their emails.

Who reads junk-mail and spam? Nobody! But I bet you read those letters that come all registered, don't you? Yep, you do!

So like mail being registered, you can let Ragnell and Kalinara know that you are actively seeking a link using the new WFA Pandering Tag.

Using this tag lets the babes at WFA know you are merely seeking a stat-lift and then they can make an informed judgement [sic] about linking to your site from theirs.

Now your posts should look like this:
See how easy it is? By the way, please ensure you don't cover up the breasts with the tag as it kind of defeats the purpose, then. Those of you who just write what comes to you because you have sincere intentions and concerns about the state of comic books, please post as usual.



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