Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Grocery Store Artifact: Evil never tasted so good

In exploring the links of a previous post, Dr. Obvious at the Ziggurat of Doom pointed out that the Seltzer brand Lebanon bologna mascot looks less like a Pennsylvania Dutch and more like Amish-Cthulhu.

While under cover of darkness at work I used a very sharp and wicked blade to strip this label from the flesh of a dead animal to get a better image of Amish-Cthulhu than what was available online. Don't worry, I'm not making an "Amish-suit"*.
He's right! Tasty, wood-smoked evil. As a Lovecraft fan I hate missing cool things like that when they are right in front of me. This Amish Easter Egg of Primordial Horror gives a whole new depth to that Harrison Ford movie. Think how much cooler the end of the film would have been if instead of Kelly McGillis tearfully waving goodbye to Ford as he went to rejoin modern society she instead manifested a hundred tentacles from her face and ate everyone's souls.

* It rubs the smoke-house flavoring on it's skin or else it gets the hose again.



  1. "...she instead manifested a hundred tenatcles from her face and ate everyone's souls."

    What? That's not what happened? What movie was I watching.


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