Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Will your child measure up this Halloween?

Found this Trick or Treat bag at the store today and had to pick it up. I chose the nauseous Monster design over the two others in the series that consists of the not-as-amusing Witch and Frankenstein Monster.

As cute as it is the bag has an unfortunate design feature that allows a competitive parent to suck all the joy out of a kid's Halloween. The side of the bag has a clear window that is also marked to show the candy-gathering prowess of a child as compared to all the others in the neighborhood.

Adults terrified that their child isn't a goal-oriented success by age 5 will undoubtedly pre-load the bag before leaving the house out of fear that the Jones' will belittle their children's inability to successfully panhandle for treats and reveal by extension, the worth of the family. As if begging is an admirable life skill.

The visible level of treats could also engender among children feelings of triumph, envy or shame as they compare their swag to that of others.


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