Friday, October 13, 2006

Pulp Firestorm

Chapter 6

After subsuming the rogue mind of the rebellious Dr. Stein, the Lobrimax Equality of Epsilon 6 returned to the dry lands of its' latest conquest.

"You have failed, Space Captain Raymond!" The mentality chortled. "Your useless electric-ray pistols are no match for the future science of Epsilon! Behold, as my mighty Epsilon brain, encoded on a mere 31 miles of magnetic tape, controls my fleet of robot ships by secret space radio! In mere days they will reach the star system of Sol, then all the people of Earth will be my slave!"

Space Captain Raymond girded his loins, bracing himself against the mental assault by the evil vampire of the starways. "You and your evil science will never conquer Earth! For we of the North Am Hemis embrace freedom above all."

The Lobrimax paused, curious. What threat could the Earthman, stranded on the tiny planetoid, be to the mighty Epsilon Empire? "What are you saying? Speak, Earthman! Or think it, I can read your thoughts!"

"I am a free man and hold the rank of Space Captain! I do not hide my thoughts, even from one so evil as you, Lobrimax! We of earth will defeat you because we have learned the secrets of the Universe! We have mastered the mighty POWER OF THE ATOM!"

The Lobrimax screamed. "No! NO! NO! I am undone! Curse you, Space Captain Raymond! We will meet again!"


Thanks to Pulp of the Day for the atomic age pulp cover.

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