Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Halloween Costumes: Right and Wrong

Much is being made recently of Halloween costumes being too sexy.


I dread this time of year. Well, once this fabricated non-issue is over with we get to deal with the War On Xmas nonsense again. Is it any wonder that people get depressed over the holidays?

The costumes that are referenced in all these articles are made for adults. So, while the articles may have a point about how women and men have to dress to fit in and be accepted in society I find the inherent sexual fantasy themes of the attire as being no big deal. These costumes are for sale all year long and it isn't normally as party-wear. How many costume parties do people hold during the year anyway? Like select groceries, costume sales get a small boost around Valentine's Day and a huge one around Halloween for nearly the same reasons. I think sex-LARPing is silly, but you want to play "Zorro meets the Candy Striper" in your own home, the home of a friend or even total stranger, then I say to that: Rock on, you crazy cats!
Now, if you want to get all upset about hyper-sexualized Halloween costumes then look no further than the children's costume market for examples of what is inappropriate.
Wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong. Fetish-wear is not for kids.

As an adult and parent, if these costumes were just kid-sized representations of grown-up uniforms I'd have less of a problem with them. Dressing up a girl as a kitty-cat is okay, but tweaking the costume so she looks like she works a downtown street-corner is not. USO Chorus Girl and Goth Cheerleader is not something I want to see a child wear, ever. Don't get me started on the Underground Sex Club Catwoman costume.

Target stores have pulled some costumes due to complaints that they show too much skin for teens, like the Supergirl one, even though it is labelled and presumably sized for adults and young adults. The ones for younger children based on the same character have an age-appropriate design. But then the standards of what is too revealing a costume for a 17 year old is a bit different than those for the 12 year old. As ever, parents should be involved in some aspects of child-rearing and decisions. I would not want my 17 year old wearing the Supergirl costume.

I have not seen much attention given to this subject by the main stream media yet and I would like to. Hopefully when someone does address the sexualized nature of children's costumes it will be approached maturely, be factual, non-sensationalized and won't be filled with histrionics, reference 9/11 or contain Red State/Blue State finger pointing.



  1. Dude..you anaylize and worry too much

  2. Dude...maybe you don't have children. If and when you do, you will see it's not a bad thing to worry about what they wear and how it is perceived. I definitely wouldn't want my little girl to dress up as a harlot, excuse me, "cat woman", for Halloween.

  3. I don't see what's the big deal. It's not like somebody's going to be attracted to them. They're just dressing up "cute". It's not like they're dressing super slutty. And besides..if it's pedophile's you're worried about, they would act on their irrational instinct regardless of what the child's wearing.

    1. Are you serious!? Nobody is going to be attracted to them? Do you even use your internet or your eyes for that matter? What do you think a pervert is?

  4. Totally agree. People no longer know what is appropriate and what is not. Halloween costumes are a prime example of this blatant lack of judgment.

  5. Excuse me? It is indeed like somebody will be attracted to them. Wake up! Your closing statement is correct


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