Thursday, October 05, 2006

Cosmic Mary-Sue

Has Jim Starlin ever written a character, villain or hero, male, female or other that wasn't some sort of a Cosmic Mary-Sue?


Yet in Starlin's case that hasn't been a bad thing. Since the 1970's, Jim Starlin has almost always rocked the foundations of whatever comic book universe he fan-fics in. Starlin joins Jack Kirby as being one of those creators who adds a rich background to the shared history of a comic universe that gives other writers and artist fodder good for years of stories.

Vanth Dreadstar is one of those 80's characters along with Badger, Nexus and Mage that I would eagerly receive new stories about and buy without hesitation. At least for two issues.



  1. Oh crap, I took the Mary Sue test for Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator and I scored off the charts.

  2. The planet "Caldor"? Not sure I'd be bragging on that. Does he know Bill Parcells? Can he get me good stuff at closeout prices?


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