Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Then: Hal and Arisa, Now: Jason and Gehenna

What is DC's deal with older males and underage females? I wouldn't call it a fascination with the subject since other than Supertart, there aren't that many examples of it. Still, two old/young relationships when a partner is underage is two more than we should have.

It's like the marketing department drafts editorial direction memos using data gleaned from a focus group formed from the worst fanboys they can find, all of whom are in their mid-20's and who are emotionally frozen at 16 years old because they can't let go of their high school socialization failures as they mature.

It's funny that DC adds this to the new continuity in the same month that Hal Jordan and Arisa's past gets edited to reveal that they were always consenting adults with absolutely nothing wrong with their relationship.

How long until Gehenna "ages" herself a few more years to match Jason's age? How long until this gets retconned to make the relationship okay by it being revealed that Gehenna was actually an adult made younger and amnesiac by the twisted experiments of a mad scientist?

- from Firestorm #30 (Dec 2006)



  1. They say that nomatter how old you get, high school girls stay the same age.

  2. I found this a while back, and now I finally know what it's talking about:

    SHE WAS 28!

  3. the pic retropol links to is hilarious.

    I agree with Sleestak's analysis of comic writers and readers in male adolescent stasis. Now a 19 and 17 year old hooking up (even if technically illegal) is nothing odd, but if the 17 year old girl is actually six years in the world, that gets pretty frigging creepy.

  4. If you believe she's 13 and you hit it anyway, it doesn't matter a fart in a windstorm whether she was actually Chris Hansen all along. YOUR JUDGEMENT CANNOT BE TRUSTED. But heck, does anyone expect better from a cadre of galactic cops whose only BFOQ is "must not fear anything"? I mean, what exactly would STOP Hal or any other GL from doing whatever they wanted? Fear of reprisal? Dread of ostracism? Shame of dishonor?


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