Friday, October 06, 2006

I hope someone got fired for this

I'm totally offended by this panel from Dreadstar #16 (Dec 1984).

Syzygy is using the term 'Macho'. It is a word from a language used on a planet that was in a far away galaxy that Dreadstar spent all of 4 minutes on before it exploded 1,000,000 years before Syzygy was born. It's careless non-ironic use by Jim Starlin in fictional future conversations just totally offends my sensibilities as a comic book fan and reader.

Starlin should have just made up future slang for his characters to use like the writers of the Legion of Super-Heroes used to do*.

* And for the irony-impaired, what is up with that adhesive costume?



  1. I hope/think you were kidding. Otherwise you might as well complain about the use of the words 'believe,' 'jeopardize,' 'foolish,' and 'powers.'

  2. All my entries must be assumed to be sarcastic.

  3. Can I have an alternate reading assignment? One that doesn't take my slang in vain, or mock my concept of machoness?

  4. "Syzygy" is a terrific sci-fi/pharmaceutical name. It usually refers to a supposedly fortuitous alignment of celestial bodies. Ol' Syz there does not look like his life has been characterized by the fortuitous alignment of anything, anytime. Maybe it's like when you name the three-legged, one-eyed dog "Lucky".


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