Saturday, October 21, 2006

It's A Woman's World!

In the future, women will rule the solar system, conquering all of known space while remaining stylish and sexy by wearing stewardess uniforms with fishnet stockings.

In this delightful tale of gender role inversion, society is tuned topsy-turvy when Greg Dexter, a man and member of the weaker sex, wants to join the Rocket Brigade so he can kill alien women. Greg faces constant prejudice as all the women of Earth treat his dreams of equality with harassment, scorn and derision. Does Greg succeed in proving his inherent value and break through the "glass ceiling" of the Rocket Brigade?

Find out by reading the entire story here at flickr: It's A Woman's World!

Panel from Mystery in Space #8 (June-July 1952)



  1. So at a time when they were predicting we'd have flying cars and holiday on The Moon by the 21st century, they thought they'd play it safe and not have a woman with any real power for a thousand years. And then another 120 would go by before it was at all commonplace, after which there would be a complete inversion of society, because obviously men couldn't cope with women being equal, so they'd just have to completely give up any kind of aspirations.

    And I still can't see why they didn't make him wear fishnets, too. Compelling a guy to wear a uniform designed to suit a woman is far more likely to put him off than all these macho "I can stand more pain than you" pissing contests.

  2. I am waiting for a riding vacumn...with a cup holder at my house.
    But yes, fishnets and HEELS would be so nice for him. And a merry widow.

  3. Jessica Christ, that's ALL KINDS of messed up. Starting with "they learned to breathe methane" and finishing up with Greg not being lynched by the other men of the future. "You dumb dick! We had them totally convinced we couldn't do crap. Now it's only a matter of time and we'll be back to hauling trash cans to the curb and getting shipped off to some godforsaken desert to die for no adequately explained reason. Great job, Mr. Equality!"

    For a longer, more satirical take on this theme, find a copy of Thomas Berger's "Regiment of Women". It's mainly a comedy, but if you have very strong feelings about strap-ons, it'll either seem more like horror or erotica.


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