Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Multiple Choice

Sleestak is seated in the break room with some co-workers when one of the moran floor drones who stocks groceries comes in and asks if he actually paid for the sandwich he was eating.

How does Sleestak reply to the implication he shoplifted?

: "Why, certainly! Here is my receipt for this fine repast. Thank you for keeping us all honest, my good man. Dang, fellas. There goes a young man who takes care of his company and by extension, all of us."

B: "Dude, if you saw me pick up a sandwich, then how could you miss seeing me wait in line with all these people here for fifteen minutes to buy it? If you think think there is a problem then get a Manager and I'll discuss it with one of them."

C: "What..the hell? [Expletive Deleted]! Listen, you [Expletive Deleted] grocery fascist! I'm the last [Expletive Deleted] anyone in this [Expletive Deleted] place needs to [Expletive Deleted] worry about! Now, you [Expletive Deleted] get your [Expletive Deleted] [Expletive Deleted] out of my [Expletive Deleted] face and get [Expletive Deleted] back to [Expletive Deleted] stocking the [Expletive Deleted] shelves with [Expletive Deleted] pretzels! I mean...[Expletive Deleted]. Idiot. If you ever [Expletive Deleted] talk to me again I will kick your [Expletive Deleted] [Expletive Deleted] [Expletive Deleted] out of it's socket. Get the [Expletive Deleted] out of here."



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