Friday, October 20, 2006

Grocery Store Artifact: Sweeping generalities

The broom with the gray and green bristles on the left is rapidly becoming my favorite broom of the three. Today a co-worker agreed that the broom I prefer to use to sweep the deli floor is
also her favorite broom.

On a depressing note, this evening I realized that my current career path is such that I am in a position where I actually have a favorite broom.

Today at approximately 5:10 pm, I died inside a little bit more.



  1. Having a favourite broom is okay. Everyone needs to sweep up. The only sad thing is that you live in a world where broom comparison is a topic of conversation.

    And admit it, that was the most exciting conversation you had all day.

  2. As a mother of two, I totally get the favorite broom thing. I can say, with full envy, that yours is much nicer than the 99cent store one I own. Congrats!

  3. Great! Another loser-nail in the failure-coffin!


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