Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Passing the Torch

Chloe's Action (Comics) Advancement Team, (C. A. A. T), is hereby formed to petition DC Comics to bring an adult Chloe Sullivan from Smallville into the Superman line of comic books. Furthermore, to ensure Chloe will become important to the Superman continuity the following will occur:

  • DC Comics will kill off Lois and Lana at the earliest opportunity and for good measure, Jimmy Olsen along with them (since his man-crush is never going to be realized and he really sucks). Their deaths must be pointless and terrible, like with Tasha Yar.
  • Chloe will never be portrayed as a victim, ingenue or psycho. She will not be a hostage unless a man is also in the same situation with her.
  • Chloe will never have been raped in the past nor will she be raped in the future.
  • She will not gain super-powers even temporarily.
  • Chloe is a blonde. Don't mess with the hair.
  • Smallville does not have to be canon. The episode where Chloe had sex with Jimmy Olsen will never be mentioned as it never officially happened. Never. I mean it. Never means never.
  • If Chloe is killed off in Smallville for cheap drama she will be brought back into the DCU as if she never died on the TV show.
  • Chloe and Clark (Superman) Kent will have a mature, adult relationship that is not co-dependent or based on lies, omissions and half-truths. When they need to discuss something important they will do so and not be interrupted by flimsy plot devices that leave things unresolved for 15 issues. Chloe will not be referred to as 'Superman's Girlfriend'. She will not be defined by her relationship. Nor will she be defined by her sexuality.
  • Chloe will not die by enemy attack or misadventure. Superman will not have the opportunity to scream Nooooooooo! and turn back time. Nor will she become ill and leave Clark because 'I want you to remember me as I was'.
  • Chloe will be a successful professional, if not a reporter, at this time of her life.
Don't be thought of as weird by all the cool kids! Sign the C.A.A.T. petition!


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