Sunday, August 21, 2005

Comic Book Ad: Jack Kirby does P.A.C.K., maybe

Great ad for Big Jim's P.A.C.K. from 1976, drawn by Kirby. At least I think it's Kirby, it was mid-70's so it could have been Rick Buckler or someone. There are elements in there that seem non-Kirby.

I had Dr. Steel, he was the coolest and he beat the crap out of GI Joe.


  1. Not sure, but I think that's someone aping Kiryb.

    "Big Jim's Pack"? I think I rented that movie...

  2. I made an inquiry to the inquiry to the Jack Kirby Comics Weblog ( and received this reply:
    "That [ad] appeared in an issue of the KIRBY COLLECTOR a few years ago, along with some of the box art from the toys, which look much more like Kirby's work of the era on the individual boxes. The actual main ad art takes the figures from a large scene, moves them around and extrapolates them, with some re-inking. The head-shots look more like someone trying to do Kirby to me. But Kirby did do some work on the characters for Mattel, even if it isn't clear which bits have his art (the toys apparently included a definitely non-Kirby comic as well)."

    Thanks for the info!

  3. "Professional Agents/Crime Killers". Sounds like a Central American CIA-funded death squad to me. I think of these guys as the anti-A-Team - they actually committed atrocities but never got accused of it. And would anyone be the least bit surprised to find they had a tricked out van "sold separately"?


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