Friday, August 05, 2005

Comic Book PSA: What's Your B.Q.?

Here is another PSA from the pages of DC's Jimmy Olsen #36, 1959. This is another nice attempt by the DC company to impart a little education to their readers. The books were full of educational features like this at the time.

I do question the content of test A just a little bit. What do spiders, cabbage & alligators have to do with race-relations?

Unfortunately, as good as the B.Q. survey was for the readers, a Jimmy Olsen/Superman adventure featuring Super-Senor was published in the same book. Sloppy editorial control there. By the way, it gets worse than "Thees ees a job for Super-Senor!".

At least they were trying. Baby steps.


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  1. So the correct answer is that "all men are created equal"? I figured that was a trick question, since all men are not really created equal, that is, all mean are not born with equal abilities. Rather, all men should have equal rights and opportunities.


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