Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Comic Book PSA: BEM the BMOC

This PSA stars three distinct personalities trying to impress a girl at a dance, kind of like Herman's Head for comic books. The Characters go by the names of Brains, Emotion & Muscle, or B.E.M. In science fiction the term B.E.M. stands for Bug-Eyed Monster. Fitting, since the separate personalities have to be assimilated into one into one mind much like the Borg to be able to act in a social situation.

So when the three fractured psyches are violently merged, the result is a big old Aryan God? I want to know what happened to the genetic donation of the short, dark-haired kid with glasses. Did his genes become annihilated by the power that is Thor, saving only his smart, juicy brain?

I don't know what the message of this PSA is. Is it inferring you will fail at life by being yourself? Is it promoting a well-rounded, healthy personality? Is it suggesting to be a phony, and be all things to all people?

from Superboy #138, 1967

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  1. Ye olde National Social Welfare Agency is evidently a devotee of Karen Horney. Apparently not only does resolving your basic hostility reconcile your neurotic orientations, it also renders you fantastically limber. I bet ol' BEM could kick himself in the nads, if he had any.


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