Sunday, August 28, 2005

Lawbreakers Always Lose

Lawbreakers Always Lose! #1
Timely (Atlas-Marvel), 1948

I don't know who the subject of FBI # 4075591 is but I'm really interested in her story. What a neat article it would make. Was she a real wanted person or a model? Was she caught? What did she do? It would have been cool if some Junior G-Man reading this comic identified her and got her busted. I sent an email off to the FBI asking about the case but so far the only response I have received is myterious clicks on my phone.

If she's been on the run all these years she probably thinks she's safe now and may have dropped her guard. I'm going to hunt her fugitive butt down...I could use the 100 bucks.

Justice never sleeps.

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