Monday, August 15, 2005

Hal Jordan's Love Nest

Everyone has probably seen this highway sign by now...

But how many knew about the Green Lantern Motel?

Motel rooms can come with king or Arisia-sized beds...

The vacation and wedding rental home looks big enough to accomodate the Green Lantern Corps and the New Guardians at the same time.

This immaculate 3600 sq feet home is located just two blocks from casinos, world famous Heavenly Gondola and private beach on the lake.

The large downstairs living room of the house has a gas fireplace, brand new 52" big screen TV, VCR, DVD & CD player with a top of the line surround sound system. Gourmet kitchen in the house has a center island cook-top and double oven. The upstairs master bedroom of the house has a gas fireplace and a 27" TV. There is an oversized heart shape jacuzzi tub in master bathroom. Upstairs living area includes a wet bar and air hockey table. The house can comfortably sleep 12-14 people with 4 King beds, one full size bed, one full and one queen sofa sleeper.
Heart shape. Jacuzzi. OVERSIZED.

Whoo hoo! Party at Hal's place! B.Y.O.B.


  1. I did a Lexis search on "Green Lantern" ages ago, and got lots of references to bars, motels, taverns, etc. Apparently "Green Lantern" originates as a railroad term, and it's thus a pretty popular name for establishments near train stations and rail yards.

  2. Thanks for the info!

    Makes sense, as the Golden Age GL had an origin also rooted in train lore and received his ring through events from a train wreck.

    From Sequential Art:
    "Nodell recounted the character’s creation in his introduction to Golden Age Green Lantern Archives Volume One: Meyer had encouraged Nodell in the winter of 1939-1940 to devise ideas for super-heroes. Leaving from a visit to Mayer in New York City, Nodell recounts,

    The subway platform was crowded. There was some kind of delay; the train was not coming into the station. On the tracks I could see a trainman holding a red lantern as he checked the rails. Then he hit behind a pole, waving a green lantern, indicating that all was now safe. At last, the train pulled in, and I had a title: Green Lantern. It still sounded good to me by the time I reached home."


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