Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Gospel According to Mike

Mike Grell has been a favorite Writer/Artist of mine for years, from way back when he did the art on the old Legion of Super-Heroes title. I'll put a Grell Princess Projectra up against Churchill's Super-lolita anyday in a hot wimmin contest, and I know Projectra would kick some barely-concealed super-butt!

I picked up Jon Sable - Bloodtrail #3 because...Jon Sable rules! Jon Sable is better than a Ninja and a pirate combined. But the book is also informative. Mike Grell once taught me that when shooting Gazelle, one must aim high over a long distance. This is because a bullet will arc and the round could fall short or hit an obstacle. I never forgot that lesson and next time those dirty Gazelle attack, I'll be ready.

More recently, I received enlightenment of two new things from Master Grell. Each one shook my world to its very foundations.

My first enlightenment is from when Jon Sable got injured and goes to a ladies' restroom to get patched up...

Maxi-pads can help when bleeding? I did not know that...

The second thing I learned was revealed when Jon Sable stopped a mugging and I received this awsome blast of wisdom...

WHOA! So what Grell is actually saying is that the ass-kickers of the world are the truly civilized people because they get involved. The non-murderous, peaceful, sunshine-and-puppy tree-huggers content to let their world collapse while they watch are the primitive sheep!


Look at how Jon Sable's piercing eyes break the fourth wall and gaze directly at you, nay, into your very being.

I believe Mike Grell speaks to to us all through his mercenary character. Mike Grell is Jon Sable. He only expresses, in comic form, what we always knew was in our hearts all along, but we needed him make us realize it.

Jon Sable - Bloodtrail #3 is now my bible. It has a good story also, but who cares when you can learn something?

I have realized that everything I need to know I can learn from Mike Grell!

Go and buy Jon Sable - Bloodtrail now.

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