Saturday, August 13, 2005

Ultimate Groin Injury Saturday - Prevention PSA

The french HIV awareness site AIDeS produced these PSA posters for an AIDS prevention campaign. The posters display a guy and a girl in various stages of copulating with a huge scorpion and a giant spider.

The text on the posters reads as: Sans préservatif, c'est le sida avec que vous faites l'amour. Protéger-vous

Translation: Without a condom it's the AIDS you're making love to. Protect yourself.

These are definately public service awareness ads that grab your attention. They are brutally blunt in their message about personal safety and responsibility. In a country that does not allow schools or doctors to teach safety in some cases (especially where federal funds are concerned) imagine just how long these would last in the USA before the hypocritical & knee-jerk outcry got them pulled from circulation.

Go here for the larger photos.

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  1. You wanna talk outcry? Somewhere tonight there is a confused young furry looking at those photos and deciding, "This is it. Now I understand what I was born to do." And that's the last we'll hear about it until there are a thousand more like him.


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