Saturday, August 27, 2005

Groin Injury Saturday: The Flash

Just look at that backwards boot right into the Flash's crotch. To make it worse poor Barry was moving at speed. It must have been quite the shock to be going from 800 mph to stopping in a nano-second as he jammed his 21st digit right into the sharp edge of a bootheel. Flash's expression is one of agony so intense, that having been struck by lightning back in the day must have felt like a hot oil massage from a team of randy cheerleaders on ecstasy in comparison.

This scene doesn't take place in this issue of The Flash #235, which is really too bad because Vandal Savage totally beat on three A-List heroes on the cover. In the interior story, most of the fights take place in a dream sequence and Savage behaves like a gentleman through out it all. That's not what I want from an immortal caveman. I expect him to behave like a Neanderthal, or at least a Cro-magnon. But alas, it really wasn't until he went up against the Wally West speedster that Savage let out his inner-caveman, in a restaurant no less.

In this story Vandal Savage realizes his meteor-given longevity is failing and can only be recharged by a combination of speed-vibrations and emerald power. This is mid-70's Cary Bates at

Yet like the Neal Adams covers that appeared years before the exterior was better than the interior. This issue is notable only for setting up continuing the initial story that Barry (Flash) Allen's wife was actually from the distant future. Stupid idea, but it did let us have Impulse later on.

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  1. You're right. I wrote something else and changed it thinking 'that's not correct'. Should have stayed with original idea.


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