Sunday, August 14, 2005

Comic Book PSA - The Family Circle Magazine

10 years before Werthem, various busy-bodies, panicky doltish parents & Congress nearly destroyed the comics industry forever, this April 1942 Family Circle article with Bob Kane art on the cover actually promotes comic books as a positive influence. The cover text reads:

SHOULD YOU WORRY...if you find your child lost in the spell of some such weird and fantastic tale as "Batman and Robin" (shown at the right)? Psychologists who have made a wide study of this type of comic have an answer for you.

I'm told the inside article was in favor of a child reading comics due to the moral lessons books like Batman contained. Today the relationship between an adult and a child who dress in costumes would be considered ill-advised. If you don't understand what I mean, check out the All-Star Batman & Robin that was recently released. Eugh...

Recommended reading: Seduction of the Innocent

I question how effective all these credentialed people were in assisting DC with their quality control. Especially since all those unintentionally hilarious Batman & Robin images kept getting into the books so regularly.

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