Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Comic's first interracial kiss?

As far as I can tell this is the first interracial kiss in mainstream comics, not counting interstellar aliens or magazines. There were probably other examples but I haven't seen any, and they may be one-sided or the kind where people are forced to do it against their will a la Star Trek's Capt. Kirk and Lt. Uhura.

I'd have to say that this embrace between Daniel (Iron Fist) Rand and Misty (Bionic Woman) Knight counts as the first.

Misty & Danny have been snuggling off-panel in his book for a few years, but the relationship was down-played until Chris Claremont and John Byrne wrapped up a story from IF's canceled magazine in a 2-issue tale in Marvel Team-Up #63 & #64 (v1, 1977). Any regular reader of the Iron Fist title knew what was going on between them but it wasn't until MTU #65 that we got the payoff. The relationship was also little creepy in a Hal & Arisa/Kitty & Collossus way since going by his story history Danny was about 17 when he and a much older Misty hooked up.

But there is more!

What? What did he say?

That's what I thought he said. I miss 1970's comic book activism.

I've looked but I can't find the letter's page that had a negative response about their relationship in it. Iron Fist was all over the place in Marvel around that time and I may have missed where the letter ended up being printed.

Well, in the place of that disappointing missive here's that kiss again!

Can't stop progress, dude.


  1. This article has been shared on the Iron Fist facebook fan page.


  2. How could he be 17? He was 9 when he went to K'un L'un and he was gone 10 years. So when he went in search of Meachum, he would have been around 19. I'm still reading the 70s comics, but that's my understanding.


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