Monday, August 29, 2005


...will I buy Combat Zone True Tales of GIs in Iraq. If I had a comic shop I would not carry it. If I ran an animal-bukkake themed porno store I'd be embarrassed if this somehow made it to a display stand. Marvel should have left this embarrasing POS shelved.

God bless their dirty, heathen souls.
Thank you Lord, for allowing America to spread freedom to these foreigners...

How freaking patronizing can you get?

I'm suprised I didn't see Sean Hannity in the preview pages waving his new book around while standing under a flag and Martina McBride belts a tune in the background.

You want propaganda? Here's some propaganda! And it's Jack Kirby drawn propaganda from MonsterBlog, which is the good kind of propaganda.

And here's some more from this issue of Treasure Chest of Fun & Facts #17 endorsed by J. Edgar Hoover! This Godless Communism

Notice how 'thinking' and 'praying' are exclusive!

If you are going to publish some propaganda for the mouth-breathers, DO IT RIGHT!

I really shouldn't post when angry...


  1. What, you mean the cover lies? It's not a true story? A Marvel comic lied?

    I am so disillusioned.

  2. I always liked the last comment in the first Hulk story. "It's the end of the Gargoyle! And perhaps...the beginning of the end of the Red tyranny, too!"

    Don't hold back, Stan - tell us how you feel.


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