Thursday, August 25, 2005


A hot blonde wearing spandex walks into the room and the only people that take notice are the cousin and the gay guy. Flash is too busy cheating at cards for the babes, but it's possible that Kara is in on the card scam and she has a deal with Barry to split the winnings.

Admittedly she is a good distraction but there has to be something seriously wrong with your brain if you can squeeze diamonds out of coal and you bother to grift a few bucks from the Superfriends. It's like some weird super-remake of House of Games only starring Joe Mantegna and Brittany Spears.

Where are they? Obviously, they are not in the JLA satellite. They are using a crappy card table and I don't think the satellite has pull shades. Must be some no-tell motel that caters to the sex-freaks of the super-hero community. I bet they do great cash register.

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