Saturday, August 27, 2005

Me vs. Communist Russia

Walking around an airplane in a publicly released photo from some article

Yep, that's me kicking Russia's pinko ass back in 1983. No stinking commies had even the slightest chance of succesfully invading the southwest, not with me on the job!

'War on Terror', my shiny black boots! Back then we had a real mission:
1) Defeat Ivan
2) Thump anti-nuke protesters
3) Train for a South American conflict in the 'War on Drugs' even though we were issued desert-environment gear and training was skewed to working in that same environment. Hmmm...
None of this terror nonsense back in the Days of Reagan, I tell you. I got yer 'terror' right here! It was a tough, demanding job but we won. Good times, good times.

Yes, I do deserve your thanks...

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