Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Bunny Dahlia

From Bunny Ball #1 (December 1966) comes this tale of Bettie Page-ian proportions. For someone who is supposedly the word's reigning teen queen of fashion, style and what is "In", Bunny Ball sure seems to do a lot of underground fetish work. Through much of her series Bunny comes off less like the popularized version of Annette Funicello and more like some calculating, attention-hungry media-savvy prostitute.

Bunny #1 The Bunny Dahlia part 1

Bunny #1 The Bunny Dahlia part 2

The next few pages has Elmer beating up an art gallery judge who is practically masturbating in public over Bunny's baby girl photo. Seedy pornographer Elmer then wins the photo contest which just goes to reinforce as fact the old show biz formula that Sex + Violence = Profit.


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