Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sim's Sense of Snow

I was reminded by this post from Bryan Munn of what is possibly the funniest gag to ever appear in the long-running Cerebus comic book opus by Dave Sim. In my mind the "Frostonite" joke is beaten only by the "granola" one. Like most comic book geeks, I myself have used the gag when in inclement weather, much to the puzzled stares of the civilians who are not as cool or steeped in comic minutiae.

On this page Dave Sim riffs on multiple pop-culture references, comic book cliches' and tips the hat to Bill Sienkiewicz ( who possibly has one of the worst creator-websites I have ever seen). When Dave Sim was in the zone there were few creators who could match him for humor and style. People forget that he once single-handedly saved the comic book industry.

Cerebus #42
(Sept 1982)



  1. Ooh, I don't want to blow the "granola" gag by reciting it, but if you track down the first Cerebus graphic novel, it's in there (It's volume 1, the self-titled book; The frostonite scene is in volume 2, called "High Society," in which Cerebus becomes prime minister).

    Dave Sim's got his own blog nowadays, . Lately, he's been singing the praises of Steve Ditko, who may not be one for publicity, but who certainly deserves the recognition.

    --Claude Flowers


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