Saturday, December 30, 2006

Honey Ball's Babysitting Job

Honey Ball, the younger sister of Bunny Ball, takes on a babysitting job and gets viciously assaulted by little Edgar over the course of the story. Intrigued by the expression "for my sake" that Honey uttered, Edgar demands that Honey give up her "sake" to him (by which he means her virginity or virtue, I imagine). The brat kicks, bites, bludgeons with objects and forcibly subdues Honey before sated, collapsing from exhaustion.

This tale isn't so much a comic book as rape-fantasy porn. You can walk through the crime here.

Much of the imagery is disturbing for a children's comic book and I believe is without question rendered by the artist in a manner designed to be questionable, particularly the oral-sex centric panel from the last page of the story above.

From Bunny #16 (September 1970)


  1. Wow,that comic was metaphorically rape-tastic.

  2. the images are only as perverted as the poster.

  3. Seriously? Don't see anything someone might have an issue with?

    What's the matter...did your search for "Ball Honeys" bring you to the wrong site?

  4. It's one panel out of an entire comic published in the 1970's, and taken out of context, then given new meaning by the poster. This is like saying "The Joker's boner" panels online are really about what resides between his legs, and not an old expression.

  5. uh huh. read the story for heaven's sake


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