Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Everything I learned about self-motivation I got from Jack Kirby

I do love Jack Kirby. Though sometimes his plotting and dialog can be hard to take he was capable of some awesome stand alone panels that more than made up for any awkwardness to be found his in story-telling. Nearly every issue he drew had at least one scene in it kicked major rear and could blow your mind.

For instance, in Captain America #213 the Night Flyer gets a little pep-talk from his mysterious handler before setting out to kill an injured Cap who was blinded in battle.

This panel is so awesome I'm going to print this out, frame it and put it on my desk in the space the photo of my wife and son usually occupies. Look out world, I'm coming through! Lead, follow or get the heck out of my way!

And from the same issue is another cool panel featuring our hang-gliding assassin that is suitable for carrying in your billfold or purse. Whenever I feel like I need a bit of inspiration I'll look at this:

"Chance favors the prepared"



  1. That's awesome. I'm going to go develop a chaotic situation.

  2. Does anyone else picture Night Flyer talking to Tony Robbins on the other end of that phone? Because that just makes it even better.

  3. Wouldn't a Kirbyesque phone kick so much ass? If all our household items were from the Kirby school of design our lives would be so much better.


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